Our world is full of tragic news and heartfelt disconnection.

We struggle to find good in all the strife and insurrection.

The devil uses all these things to tug within our reasoning.

He twists and turns our very thoughts, with his own special seasoning.

But God’s power is much stronger. He’s crushed the serpent’s head.

He took the devil’s strength away when He rose from the dead.

That evil creature walks the earth, in shadows and in darkness.

He preys upon our weaknesses. He thrives upon our starkness.

He lurks about like lions prowl to forage for their meal,

But never will he find surcease for God will always heal.

The day will come when victory will come from up above.

When God will come to judge us all with justice and with love.

Lord, give me wisdom from your Word. Protect me with your arm.

Keep me within protective wings that shield me from all harm.

You’ve conquered death and so will I, as long as I trust You.

You’ve taken all my sins away. There’s nothing I can do,

Except to spread your Word of truth and love as you loved me.

Now shield me from all evil and set my spirit free.


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