Donald Trump wants Russia to attack us, it couldn’t be more obvious 

The other day I used an obviously fictitious story in a post to make an obvious point about the obvious media bias that exists in America.

Clear and very straightforward to all but one of the hundreds of people who read it which, to be honest, had me a little flummoxed. Flummoxed, that is, until none other than Donald Trump unwittingly helped me put it into perspective.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the major international crisis that started when Trump answered a question about the DNC email hack, saying he hoped that the Russians found the rest of her 30,000 erased emails.

Holy crap, we were ominously warned by people who are seemingly unable to distinguish obvious sarcasm from serious policy proposals. “Donald Trump just invited a Russian cyberattack of his opponent.”

Huh? What? Really?

I thought about this for a bit and came to the conclusion that the confusion regarding my post wasn’t about the post at all but instead about narratives and clinging to them at all costs, no matter how insanely ridiculous they are.

For some people Trump must be painted as a dangerous, reckless and out of control megalomaniac just as I must be painted as an amoral charlatan who must resort to all forms of dishonest trickery in order to win non-thinking converts for Christ.

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  1. Ha! Love this! You said it right on, exactly!


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