I really need to do something about my living arrangement 

Not much to this post really, just a couple of deeply meaningful epiphanies I had while I was eating lunch today.

1. Fried egg on a burger is one of mankind’s greatest ideas

2. Living rent-free in someone else’s head is not nearly as cool as I thought it might be

3. If we, as a nation, continue to worry about tolerance and intolerance more than we worry about good and evil, we are doomed


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  1. 1. YUM!
    2. No, not fun at all
    3. I agree wholeheartedly with you.

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  2. I would say that tolerance and intolerance are a big part of good and evil. I know that as a Christian, you see evil in an entirely different way than I do (I don’t believe in ‘spiritual’ evil or even in evil as a ‘force’), but I would think that Christians would still consider intolerance to be evil even if it’s simply viewed a worldly manifestation of a greater ‘evil.’ With all the time that Jesus spent talking about how you treat your fellow man, wouldn’t you think that the world would be a better place if there were more tolerance?


  3. Amen to all 3!

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  4. I would have the tolerance to eat that burger, makes me hungary looking at it.

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  5. 1. I thought I invented that!

    2. Charge rent

    3. Amen


  6. Profound thoughts right there!

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