The book of Esther is filled with so man lessons, but primarily it shows how God uses ordinary people for extraordinary circumstances.  Even though His name is never mentioned in the story, you can feel His presence throughout.  Another part of the story relates how we often have to wait for just the right time for God to answer our prayers, but when He does, it will always be for our good.

About six years ago I wrote a musical version of this story in stage play form and produced it with children from 5 to 18 years old.  It was an awesome opportunity to share these lessons with them.

These are the lyrics I wrote for one of songs, “WAITING,” with music by Sarah Siegler.  I think the words are indicative of times we all struggle through.  Patience is so hard because we don’t like to wait for things to happen.  Especially when it doesn’t look like there are any obvious answers.  What we must do is remember that God’s timing is often different than ours and learn that when we wait, we are allowing Him to do what He does best.

My God, you have placed me here for a reason.

I don’t know what it is.

I wish I knew your plan for me.

I know I should be patient,

but my mind is filled with fear.

I sit and wait and wonder why.

Why have you chosen ME to be in this place?

Am I the one who must make sure that your work is done?\

I know that with you I can do anything.

I will always trust in you.

You are the God of my people.

Just help me to understand what you would have me do.

I’s hard to wait, Lord –  it’s so hard to wait.

I give to you my all.

Use me as you will.

I trust in your direction for my life.

I know I am  your instrument

and you will guide my way.



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  1. We need those lyrics applied to life. At least I do.

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