It’s funny how the days slip by so quickly when you grow older. When we’re children we can’t wait to grow up; when we’re teens we can’t wait to get our driver’s license; when we’re in our twenties we can’t wait to move out on our own; then we can’t wait until we’re married, successful and finally retired. Even when we retire, we can’t wait for something.

It seems no matter what age we are, we are never satisfied.  We continue to want MORE. What we want in life is what motivates us, but what we want after this life is even more important. I want to go to heaven and I know that God has made that possible for me. I want all my friends to join me there someday, but I don’t know if I’ll see them there. We all need to ask for forgiveness each day, because we live in a world still controlled by sin. I pray that when the time comes, we will all be ready, because that is where the MORE is waiting for us.


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  1. Some days, I am sure glad this is not all that is coming to me, Kathy. This is one of those days. Good timing on this one friend. Thanks

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  1. WE WANT MORE … – Truth in Palmyra

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