Every day we’re called upon to take chances. The toddler is taking a big risk when he leaves the comfort of his parent’s arms and takes his first steps. When a child rides his bike on the road alone for the first time, he’s opening the door to new opportunity.

As we get older, we continue to face various hazards in life. We continue our education without knowing if we will be able to pay back student loans. We enter the work force with doubts about our ability to do the job. We get married without knowing what lies ahead. We make investments in real estate, a business and the stock market without having any guarantees. When life is drawing to a close, we might take some foolish risks in order to empty our bucket list.

Joshua was told by God to be strong and courageous as he began his military commission, just as we should remain strong and courageous in our walk with God. He has promised to be with us in everything we do. Should we take chances in life or should we sit on the fence and wait for someone else to take care of us? God has promised to be with us when we call on Him for help. It’s so easy and yet sometimes so hard.


Help me, Lord to look to you for everything I do in this life. You are my strong defense and with you all things are possible.


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