Once in a while a holiday comes along that makes perfect sense to me.  Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day.  How often do you leave home feeling guilty leaving your dog behind?  Not only does it seem inhumane, but there’s no telling what kind of mischief theu can get into without your supervision.

Our dog has free reign when we leave the house.  There have been times we’ve returned to realize we don’t need a paper shredder.  He’s an expert at that.  This is when he shows his rebellious side – leaving furniture in tatters, his mark in one place or another, or simply barking at everyone that passes our house. Most of the time he naps the entire time we’re gone.

Since we’re supposed to be retired, you’d think we’d be able to take our dog with us wherever we go, but I don’t think they’d endure our dog at church or in the grocery store – since we don’t require their assistance – YET!  Still the thought of leaving him alone for a long time is hard.

Anyway, folks are allowed to bring their kids to work on occasion, so why not a dog? Maybe they would be more efficient than some of those spending hours on social media rather than doing their jobs.  Think of the soothing effect it would have on their owners.  A dog is man’s best friend after all.

If you don’t have a dog, you may prefer one of the other holidays set for June 24.  Celebrate the Senses Day – International Fairy Day –  Drive your Corvette to work day.  Or why not indulge in all of them.

Wake up and smell the roses while you asking a fairy to grant you a Corvette for the day so you can drive it and your dog to work.  If that doesn’t work, remember it’s Friday and the weekend awaits.


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  1. How about drive your tractor to work day…with your dog…pulling s corvette? I like this idea 🙂

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  2. When is take your cat to work day? I don’t have a dog LOL

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