The internet is amazing tool.  You can find information in the blink of an eye.  You can spend hours absorbing information and draw your own conclusions, but often we are willing to believe everything it says as truth.

It also has  a dark side – when a news item can be blown totally out of proportion.  One activist group can stir up so much damage while another group goes largely unheard.

When things flare up politically, the media begins to divert attention to something that has no real value – something that will enrage, anger or stir up the people so they don’t think about the issues at hand.  We are all guilty of becoming part of the sheep herd.

Our country is at a crossroads.  We’re already inundated with political rhetoric, a congress that doesn’t get anything done and leadership that has become more like a monarchy than a democracy.  Our freedoms are being spat upon along with the Constitution which was designed to disable the nonsense going on in Washington today.

We’ve always been a Christian nation, despite what our president says, and it’s time we start acting like one.  Christians as well as their churches must take a stand.  We can’t simply sit on the fence and do nothing.

Our prayers will provide God’s intervention, but our words and actions are needed to inspire the battle.  America has always stood on its trust in God.  We must turn our attention back to him rather than placing our faith in things like the internet.





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  1. Excellent point Kathy, without a huge revival America is doomed.

    I think people have replaced God with the political party, the politician, or the cause that inspires them. It’s almost like idolatry if you think about it.

    Good post, as always.


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    • Thanks, James. I’m so fed up with the media too. They just play into all of it. We can be confident that God wins, but in the meantime we need to spread the Word while we can.


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