Clearly Germany needs to do something about guns


Viernheim Theater Gunman Has Been Killed: German Officials

VIERNHEIM, Germany — A gunman who reportedly fired shots and took hostages in a German movie theater complex Thursday has been killed, according to officials.

Local media including the Bild newspaper were first to report on the incident at the Kinopolis movie complex in the southwestern town of Viernheim. Bild said special forces quickly responded to the scene.

Footage from outside the theater showed heavily-armed police strapping on bulletproof vests and running towards the building as sirens blared.

Local Interior Minister Peter Beuth later told a parliamentary debate that initial reports suggested that a gunman had fired several shots and taken hostages before being shot dead by police.

There were no other injuries and the hostages are all safe, police confirmed to NBC News.

Thankfully no one other than the bad guy was harmed.

Now, when are we going to start the conversation about German gun laws, Christianity, the NRA, how awful Ameircans are, gun show loopholes, and those damned gun lovin’ Republicans?



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  1. That’s the PC thing to do.
    Why doesn’t Liberals have conversation about the true nature of Islam with actual analysis of Islamic history and doctrines beyond the slogan that Islam is a religion of peace?

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    • Liberals never want to accomplish anything useful but they do like to express hate for enemies that aren’t really enemies at all.

      I just read that they staged a die in in front of NRA headquarters. You know? Because the NRA is he real problem here.

      Seriously, the die in is stuff The Onion should be writing about…yet it actually happened.

      We live in a weird world for sure.

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