Yesterday we had the joy of being with friends we don’t see often, but know we can pick up where we left off the last time.  Friends like this are few and far between. We’ve known these folks for 43 years.  We’ve shared loss, pain, fears and our faith during that time.

We planned to spend some quality time with them to lift them up at a time when they’re facing a difficult disease and a tough road ahead.  We went with the intention of helping them, but as usually is the case with good friends, they were an encouragement to us.

Friendship is like that.  When you share a common faith, the bond is even stronger.  I believe God gives us people like this to remind us of Him.  They are special angels which He has placed as a support to hold us and keep us from falling away from Him.  You can count on them to feel what you’re going through and give you words of encouragement even when their own hearts are breaking.

We shared several hours laughing with them, remembering past joys and God’s presence in our lives.  We were reminded how God not only sustained us through difficulty, but nurtured our friendship through those tough times.

We know that the months ahead are going to bring pain, sadness and loss of hope at times, but we also know that God will be with these wonderful friends and give them the faith they need to endure it.

Thank you, Lord, for the friends you’ve placed in our lives.  They are angels in disguise sent by you to give us encouragement, hope and love.  Protect and be with them in this time of trial.  Amen!



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  1. I love this. What a great point. That relationship, connection with our heavenly Father can take us all the way through life and strengthen us for all the struggles we will face.

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