If we were to focus too much on the events in the news, it wouldn’t take long for us to need treatment for depression.  Our world is in a terrible state.  Our own country is in moral decline; the world is constantly fighting terrorists; there are those seeking  political power driven only by greed and our media continues to paint a picture that all is well.  It makes one wonder where it will all end .

We could be like Chicken Little who ran through the barnyard claiming the sky was falling.  At first everyone was frightened, but soon ignored her when the sky continued to stay where it was supposed to. The moral of the story is not to believe everything you hear, unless it’s backed up with some kind of proof or evidence.

We as Christians have a story we an depend on.  Our world will someday come to an end.  We’ve all sinned and don’t deserve anything but damnation.  God, the Father loves us so much that He became a man – lived a perfect life – suffered a horrendous death – was buried – came back to life and rose to heaven.  He sent His Holy Spirit to live in and with us so we could share His love. We have been promised a new heaven and a new earth and we’re assured eternal life.  He did  this because He loves us. That’s the truth

Dear, Lord, you provide comfort and hope in all circumstances.  Your Word contains truth for our lives.  You are our rock and cornerstone.  Thank you for giving me peace in that knowledge. Amen!

“Remember your word to your servant in which you have made me hope.
 This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promise gives me life.” 

Psalm 119:49-50


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  1. I wonder how long God will put up with us Kathy? I’m not sure the sky is falling but the end is near, for sure.

    Good post, as always.


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