My dad passed away 34 years ago after a long struggle with lung Cancer. He lost so much weight during that battle that he looked like the young man that married my mom many years before. He was a hard worker, diligent in everything he did, brilliant without knowing it, a heavy drinker and  stern disciplinarian.

I often think about him and wish he was here today to see the heritage he left behind through his grandchildren and great grandchildren. He would’ve been so proud of the people they’ve become.

Dad came from very humble beginnings.  His own father deserted the family when my dad was just a boy, so he was called upon at a young age to go to work and help bring in some extra income for his mother and siblings.  He worked hard at any job that he could get.

He learned the value of a dollar and was frugal with his earnings, making them stretch as far as they could.  When he married at the ripe age of 20, he carried that work ethic with him.  He also took his fathering job very seriously – making sure that his two daughters towed the line.  I always knew where I stood with dad, but like every human being to walk the earth he had his flaws too.

Parenting isn’t an easy job and we often expect more of our parents than they can give.  We forget they have problems, fears, imperfections and shortcomings.  We often place them on a pedestal and assume they will live up to that honor.  Even the heroes of the Bible had their problems when it came to raising kids and setting an example for them.

My dad isn’t here anymore so I can’t tell him how much I appreciate him.  It wasn’t always easy raising me, but he loved me and  worked hard to make sure I had a Christian education.

As this Father’s Day approaches I’d like to thank him for blessing me with life – for providing for me – for going above and beyond the call – for loving me in his own quiet way and for leading me to Jesus.


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  1. I lost my dad years ago to on Christmas day. I wish we had time for more conversations, but God had a bigger plan.

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    • Many times I think words unspoken can be more important than those that are. I’m sorry for your loss. My dad died much too young and I still miss him after all these years.

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  2. Beautiful Father’s day tribute to your Dad. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Wow sounds like your dad has went through a lot…

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