Wanted – man to fill the following requirements. Must have strong moral values; be willing to fill a management position; able to act as counselor, disciplinarian, validator, encourager, teacher, life coach, financial advisor/provider, and spiritual leader. Experience: None. Pay: None. Benefits: Unlimited.

Most men are able to father a child. Not all of them can be a good dad. It’s not an easy job and  certainly isn’t  what you expect it will be. At times it can be thankless, frustrating and one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do in life. There are days when you can’t seem to do anything right.

In our country there’s a stigma connected with the job of fatherhood. In some cases is no longer a requirement for the family unit.   A woman can get artificially inseminated. She can hire someone to care for her children. Our government provides for single mothers in a way that a husband used to.

Who needs a man? A child does. It is so important for the father to be involved in the raising of his children. It’s even more important that the man leans on God to help him do the job. With God at the head of the household the task not only becomes easier, it becomes a blessing.

Thank you, Lord for dads and for their impact on future generations. They are a gift from you. Thank you for sending  male role models to families that no longer have dads in their lives.    Please guide us back to the ways you’ve established – where dads realize the importance of the job you’ve given them – where they guide their children in your ways and establish your governance – where they trust in your direction for them and their children.  Amen.


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