It seems that man is always searching for wisdom and knowledge. From way back in the beginning of creation, the first man wanted to be like God and know everything there was to know, and that desire put the entire population, then and now, in jeopardy.

As we grow older our knowledge increases through learning and our wisdom becomes greater through experience, but we can never possibly understand all that God does. It is good to know that He is in charge. The amazing power and glory that is His alone, remains unchanging and we can depend on that fact.

The best thing to do is be still and simply accept by faith that God is in control of everything – that He holds our very lives in the palm of His hand – and He loves us unconditionally, even with all our warts and flaws.

“The fear of the Lord – that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding,” Job 28:28.

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  1. How ridiculous.
    Me, myself and I (the Unholy Trinity) is/are in charge of the cosmos, not God.

    I also do not have warts or flaws so where do you get off talking that way about omnipotent ME ?

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  2. If it was not for human desire to know things, I believe your countries flag could have been the rising sun or even the swastika. This is where thousands of men were really sacrificed for your freedom.


  3. I see you have hit a nerve LOL. Well said

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