Is Christianity really on the decline?


Something I hear from non-believers all the time is how happy they are that religion is, thanks in large part to information available on the Internet, dying a long overdue death.

While I think cultural Christianity is on the rise and many “I’m a Chritian, but…” people may say “none” on a survey because they are afraid admitting being a follower of Jesus may offend someone, the faith is not going anywhere, not by a long shot.

To that end, my family and I attended a church while on vacation in South Florida last weekend where they began the service with video highlights of the previous Sunday’s service in which 54 people were baptized in the ocean. Not only that, we went to the beach that same evening to watch the sunset and saw a dozen or so more people from a different church also being baptized.

Point here is this. If I can see around 70 baptisms in one day without even really trying, Christianity is obviously, and despite the efforts of atheist youtubers and bloggers, here to stay.



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  1. Thanks for all that you do. Equipping the Saints for the work of ministry.

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  2. No death is imminent; only life. People are being reborn every day.

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  3. Absolutely!! I pray that the Holy Spirit will take each and every nation by storm transforming the minds and spirits to run after the Word of God and His presence. Christianity isn’t going anywhere!

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  4. That was really uplifting James, thanks for sharing it. Baptized in the ocean, how cool!

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  5. Encouraging. If even a soul gets saved, if even a soul grows in being a disciple than he was a day before, there’s no way its declining. False converts may come and go, but at the supernatural level, God’s on the move with His work of regeneration and salvation!

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