Sometimes I think I’m really losing it.  For example, I will leave the room to get something only to completely forget what it was when I get there.  Or I will hear something someone tells me and in a flash I’ve totally forgotten what they said.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting older- maybe I have too much information already in my head and I simply can’t fit another piece into that measly brain of mine. – maybe it’s because I’m not perfect.

I’m afraid I have to admit yes to all of those maybes, but the third one is the zinger.  I’m not perfect!  My days aren’t all planned out for me.  There are mistakes along the way.  I fail miserably sometimes.  I say things I shouldn’t.  I get angry and frustrated.  I don’t trust in God enough for the small stuff.  I try too hard to control my life.  I hurt others with words or deeds – sometimes even without realizing it.  I am a sinner.

That’s why it’s so good to know that I have someone who lived the perfect life – without sin – to take my place in God’s eyes.  If I had to stand alone, I would be just another broken, unworthy, ugly person but with Jesus, I can be judged as forgiven, free of sin and perfect.

It’s not easy for us to think of ourselves as failures in life.  It’s even more difficult to think that God would see us as the grimy sinners we are.  We can be confident that our slate has been washed clean, not by our own doing, but by the love of the One who first loved us.

Thank you, Lord, for your saving grace.  Without you I am nothing.  With you I can now approach eternity knowing that a better place is waiting for me.  Thank you for caring so much for me that you gave everything to save me and all those who believe in you..


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  1. Kathy, boy do I get what your saying. This is my story told better than I could have done it. I think part of my problem is that I really don’t pay attention when someone tells or asks me something.


  2. I fall so short on my walk of faith some days! Thank you for sharing your walk of faith!

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