Has anyone ever experienced a bug in their Worpress posts?  I am in the midst of this and it’s most frustrating.  For the past few weeks my posts from atimetoshare.me have not been appearing in the reader.  I continue to write a daily blog for those who receive my  posts by email, but I feel I’m losing out on a larger audience.

Not that my posts are more important than any others, but because as we have been commanded, we should share our beliefs and thoughts regarding the work God has done for us, with as many as we can.

Are there any suggestions?  I have contacted the “engineers” and have been told that there is a bug in my account and they are trying to eliminate it.  How long does it take to kill a bug?

My impatience is undoubtedly a matter of pride.  Maybe this whole thing is a lesson for me not to let ego get in the way.  Who am I to think that my words are that important?  As soon as we put ourselves on a pedestal, we are setting ourselves up for a fall.

Oh well, in the meantime I’m continuing to use The Isaiah 53:5 Project as my venue until this matter is cleared up.  Hope my faithful friends hang with me while this is being resolved.  Thank you for your patience.  Wish I had some.



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  1. I’ve seen some ghosts in the machine. Failure to load certain things. I manage two accounts not and I have accidentally reblogged into the wrong account, even though I’m sure I was using the correct account. It’s not a major issue, but a pain. I did, however, search through some of the custom features, and I THINK that we can now choose a font we like — as opposed to the font which comes with the theme. Some other things seem to be added.

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  2. Well, to be totally honest, I have always followed you through Isaiah 53 Project…so your posts show up on my email. I know this is not much help with the Reader part, but your information is making it to awaiting eyes.

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  3. Maybe leave wordpress dot com and host your own wordpress blog? It’s a little more complicated, but the better hosting providers will help you.

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  4. The aforementioned bug may be eating the letter D when you write for your ‘Worpress” account (?)


  5. Very commendable, my friend. You are hereby hired to edit all future posts to my blog. Unfortunately I cannot pay you. LOL


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