Two questions every wife asks that most husbands don’t even hear

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She was working quietly in her room putting her princess dress on, complete with the shoes and tiara. She knew daddy would be home soon. She was standing there in her innocent beauty, when he walked through the door. As soon as she saw him, she said, “Look at me daddy!”

Any man that has a daughter has seen something like this. If our minds and priorities are in the right place, the situation melts our hearts. If not, we will blow it off with a quick “you look great princess.”

It continues to happen as she gets older. When she learns to ride her bike, learns to swim, learns a new dance, she says, “Look at me daddy!”

During her teenage years, she continues to say the same thing, but she does it nonverbally. When she puts the dress on for the school dance, when she puts on too much makeup, when she wears something too revealing or too attention seeking she’s saying the same thing. But, this time she’s saying it to people other than daddy too.

When she finds that special someone to take daddy’s place, one of the first things she does is stand at the end of the aisle and say, “Look at me husband.”

The Two Questions

Those statements she made were never statements. They were always questions. They were always the same two questions every woman asks from the time she’s a small girl until the day she dies. As a daughter, she was asking them. As your girlfriend, she was asking them. And, as your wife she’s asking them.

1. Do you see me?

2. Do you delight in me?

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  1. Good article again James. I do recall it was a tempest in a tea pot last time though.

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  1. Two questions every wife asks that most husbands don’t even hear | While it's yet day

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