Let’s get coffee rings on The Word of God

This is not a new guest post but it is one I used with the author’s permission some time ago.


During a short break from work email and phone calls this morning I was sitting at my desk watching the steam rise from a fresh mug of coffee.

Captivated by something so ordinary it usually goes unnoticed, my thoughts turned to a health issue caused, in part, by a decades long and rather reckless overindulgence of what I called the “fuel of life”. Like the steam rising up and dissipating that thought was replaced with thoughts of the brevity of life and that we are all like a “mist that appears for a little while then vanishes.” (James 4:14)

Odd, I thought, that watching steam rise from a beverage that was doing its part to kill me brought me straight to The Word that saved me.

Odd, that is, until I looked through the steam and saw a post by Derek Maul appear in my WordPress reader.

“First, as we finished breakfast and I walked Rebekah out to her car, I noticed my open Bible and coffee mug together on the kitchen counter. At breakfast, after completing our daily Upper Room devotion and prayer, we had been talking about the day’s schedule. Our conversation turned to something spiritual, and that led to looking up a passage in Second Samuel – hence the open Bible.

The coffee mug sitting on the open page reminds me of how natural it is for us to talk about faith, to dig into God’s word, and to encourage one another as followers of Jesus. Some of you may be horrified at the thought of coffee rings on the word; but I’m thinking quite the opposite – when I look at them together I see a level of intimacy and familiarity we badly need if we’re going to be the kind of disciples who make any kind of a difference in this broken world.”

Could it be that God was whispering to me through the rising steam? Hard to say for sure but He does have a way of making a point in the most unusual way sometimes so…

Anyway, as Derek said further on in his post, “let’s get coffee rings on The Word.”


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