It must have been wonderful to communicate directly with God as did men of ancient times.  Though they couldn’t see Him, they were given the benefit of His spoken word.  The truth is we still have the ability to communicate with Him.  The words of the Holy Bible are His actual voice – written by inspired men of God.

In many ways the world has strayed from the truth of the Bible.  Some churches have steadily manipulated the words to fit their own needs.  Some have chosen to become politically correct or to create church bodies that are more like country clubs than houses of worship.  They  administer forgiveness to those who have sinned, but are still shackled to it.  To some it becomes a place to feel good about yourself and your accomplishments.

The devil is eager to weasel his way into our churches and corrupt the message of God’s truth – to fool us into thinking that we don’t really need a savior.  I believe that in order to have the best relationship with God, we must first come to Him in repentance.    It is through that simple task that He begins working in us.

Jesus associated with all kinds of people.  He wasn’t crazy about the way the church had been corrupted and on more than one occasion voiced His opinion about it.  He became physically angry when He saw how the temple had become a den of thieves.  He didn’t condone sinful behavior including the corruption of His Father’s house.

He didn’t come to save just the religious elite.  He ministered to the lowest of society – including tax collectors, prostitutes and those who were ignored by others.  That same ministry continues when His Word is present.

We may not have the ability to physically hear God’s voice today, but we can hear it in the Bible.  We can also talk to Him through our prayers.  Our sins have been forgiven, but our sinful nature won’t be dead until our physical bodies die.  That is why we need to confess our sins to God daily – to walk away from the sin that pulls us from Him – to renew our faith and our relationship with the only true God by studying His messages to us in His Word.

Dear Lord, thank you for leaving the wonderful legacy for me and the entire world.  Through it I daily receive strength, confidence, assurance, faith and an amazing love story which you have written for me and all believers.  Lead me now from temptation and onto the path of righteousness.



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