Scientific proof that meat is awesome

Didn’t have any big vacation plans for today so I thought about eating everything on Denny’s Independence Day: Resurgence Menu.

Then I realized someone else beat me to it.

So I went to the beach, played golf, took a nap, and bumped this Throwback Thursday post for your enjoyment 🙂


It’s impossible to argue with the science here.

WASHINGTON—Saying the effects were almost immediate and largely unavoidable, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture released a report Tuesday linking red meat to contentedly patting one’s belly. “Our data show a strong, statistically significant correlation between consuming servings of red meat and pushing back one’s chair, letting out a satisfied sigh, and gently patting or rubbing one’s abdomen with either one or both hands,” said lead researcher Elliott Hyde, who explained that eating cuts of beef, pork, or lamb was also found to cause acute sereneness and glazing-over of the eyes.


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  1. LOL. I think “THE ONION” added flavor to this =)

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  2. you do realize that the onion is a Parody site, right? idiot!

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