I’m not a great war movie buff, but I did go to see “Saving Private Ryan” when it was released about 15 years ago. The one thing that remains in my memory was watching the Invasion of Normandy re-enacted in every gory detail.

Men huddled together, helmeted, bayonets fixed and a look of fear and terror on their young faces. Those boys were sailing into certain death, but they were determined and resolute. As the doors to their boats opened, and they swiftly rolled onto the beach, life was ending at every turn as blood rushed into the ocean.

In a few days we will celebrate D-Day. Most of us are too young to remember this event and many don’t even know what it represents, but it was a turning point in WWII.

The story of the movie is about finding a young soldier whose brothers had died before him serving their country.  Men lost their lives in the pursuit of one man, so that a grieving mother would not have to bury another son.  A poignant reminder of the number of lives affected by war.

There are a few veterans left to tell the stories of World Ward II, but many still find it difficult to mull it over in their minds.  We, as citizens of this great country, should never forget the sacrifices made by brave men and women in the pursuit of freedom.  Those brave heroes gave their lives in defense of our great country.


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  1. What I remember most about that movie was toward the end, when Ryan and his family were at the graves and he wondered and hope if he had lived a good enough life to have made all the sacrifices on his behalf worth it.

    Hmmm…might possibly be a Biblical analogy buried in there somewhere. Do our lives now make the sacrifice of Jesus worth it?

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  2. I’ve been reading a lot of World War two history this last week…makes me very grateful for that generation.

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    • It was indeed the greatest generation, but I have faith that there are still heroes today, that need to know they are heroes. This is the time for a new greater generation to rise up. Thanks for your comment.

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