We’ve had a lot of wet weather lately. It’s starting to feel like we live in Seattle. Thankfully our part of the country has been spared the storms and tornadoes that have left a path of destruction in many areas.

Even when devastation occurs, God provides for those left in its path. He never leaves us – NEVER! God continues to show us that He holds the elements in the palm of His hand and can determine our future with one breath of His mighty wind.

This can be frightening in one respect, but also reassuring for those of us who know that we can’t control our own destiny. It’s good to know that the one who created rain and sun, light and darkness, earth and sea, mountains and prairies and all who inhabit this world has His finger on the pulse of it. He knows what is going to happen before it occurs. He cares for everyone and everything in His creation, because He is the King of all of it.

God, never let us forget your power. You give and you take away, but you never leave us. Blessed is your holy name. Thank you for answering prayers in ways we cannot always understand; for you know what is best for us.   Amen!


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  1. I suppose when the next storm comes and wipes out your community and you are the only one left you will thank the Lord. Please check out how weather conditions are really created.


  2. Living in northern Louisiana, we have had our fair share of major storms. In one particular storm, the wind was blowing so hard the rain was flowing sideways. Trees were bent to their breaking point. As I stood at my front door looking out, I prayed, “Peace be still,” in full faith that my prayer would be answered. The interesting thing is that the wind did not subside, but my little detached metal carport which had been shimmying and shaking suddenly stopped moving. It was as if the hand of God was holding it in place.

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