My dreams are very graphic and often fodder for another play, but I really don’t know where the last one came from. I’m up at 5 AM. It’s snowing. I throw a coat on over my pajamas and head out the door to my ‘57 Ford and drive fearlessly to the bakery. I buy 4 Danish and a coffee cake. I start to leave, but see that the clerk has forgotten the Danish so I track her down to get some more, but of course she accuses me of eating them. Finally she gives in and places 4 more in the bag. I leave again, but can’t find the exit. I go down every hall in the place but there’s no way out. I start to eat and the halls become smaller. Now I’m stuck in this bakery for the rest of my life. Suddenly I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and realize I have no makeup on and my hair is sticking out all over the place. At last I escape. I get in my car, which is now parked a mile away from the bakery, and drive home which is a mere 4 blocks away. I can’t see because of the blizzard and get off track, winding up in another town which I’ve never heard of. OK all you dream interpreters out there. What does this mean? I think I need to go to the bakery right now!


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  1. I think you ate too much pizza the night before. LOL

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