Atheists punch like an angry drunks


A Militant Atheist cannot help but to hatefully insult God, Christianity, Christians, Faith, and the Bible every chance he gets. He will go out of his way to bring up pointless, refuted objections to the Gospel, and list his many perceived grievances against Christians — all either trivial or delusional.

Even when he is guarded in his speech to hide his intentions his knee-jerk sarcasm and a general tone of haughtiness give away his true opinion of all things related to God. He sneers, he gloats, and he shows contempt for reverence and ignorance of Truth.

The Militant Atheist uses his words like the punches of an angry drunk, never hitting their mark, but always intended to do the utmost violence.

*I can’t remember where I got that quote from but I like it.


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  1. I enjoyed your post, atheism is a fad followed by the uninformed and narcissistic.

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  2. Reblogged this on Truth Troubles: Why people hate the truths' of the real world and commented:
    This is an excellent site, please give it a few moments of your time, I think you will like it if you are a Christian, not so much if you are an atheist.

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