We’ve heard so many apologies from our current administration, particularly in the past few months.  These apologies regard actions that were taken in defense of our country.  As we approach Memorial Day, I think it’s time for apologies to be extended to the many lives that were spent over our short history, to provide the freedoms we enjoy in the United States.

It is shameful to make excuses and lay on platitudes to countries that were bent on our destruction or in search of taking over the world and enforcing their beliefs and politics on us.  What are we doing to the memory of those who put everything on hold to defend our nation?  Where would we be without those soldiers that gave their lives for our us?

I pray that these men and women are never forgotten.  They sacrificed their lives to defend the virtues of the United States – not to be looked down on for their bravery.

A memorial is defined as remembering someone with honor.  It’s time to honor our veterans and those currently serving in harms way.  They deserve it.  Greater love hath no man, than that he lay down his life for his friends.




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  1. But to blindly accept everything is done for the good of the country is also very dangerous. Real people die in these conflicts, people who just wanted to live their lives are sacrificed in the name of freedom. Countries and individuals should always critically examine their actions. To insist one philosophy or way of life is the only way is just plain wrong.

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  2. Hi Kathy

    Thanks for this post, as it means a lot to many of us to not be forgotten in the morass of politics that surround choices our country has made. Look, I myself let people try to kill me as part of my duty at the time I did it. Having said that, I have not always agreed with our foreign policies in this country.

    But, agree or disagree, the men and women who agree to place themselves in harms way should never be ostracized or looked a sideways for simply doing the duty they agreed to do. Once they agree to do that, the decisions that may be made are not theirs. It’s like the Charge of the Light Brigade in some ways.

    Have a great day my friend.

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