Atheist blogger begins 24/7 online crusade to inform every Christian on the internet that he is an obnoxious blowhard

Been a while since I’ve done a Flashback Friday post, it’s my first day of vacation, and I’ll be traveling all day with no time to write so…

Have a good weekend everyone!


MANCHESTER, UK—A month or so ago in a moment of quiet reflection over a pint self-described New Atheist, Matthew Kenney, 52, came to the realization that he could no longer, in good conscience, behave like a rational and well-adjusted member of civil society.

“If you look at how I’ve treated internet fundies lately, it’s abundantly clear that I’ve become a bloviating puss-filled pain in the arse. I know it, my wife knows it, my readers know it…and by dog I won’t get up from my computer until every single indoctrinated Christian on the web knows it.” Kenney recently wrote in a lengthy and semi-coherent blog rant.

The devout atheist, who for more than six years has tirelessly waged an ultra-reasonable and civil online war against the “man-made myth of Christianity” has apparently reached the end of his patience in dealing with “fraking fundamentalist arsehats who don’t have the common decency to shut the frak up about the fictional Jesus of Nazareth character already.”

“I’ve tried to be nice. I’ve tried to get them to read. I’ve tried to get them to objectively examine the facts. I’ve tried to get them to see what indoctrination does to kids…. ” He wrote. “…but, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

“Since I obviously can’t use sound reason and Iogic to get the nasty trough lickers to willingly reject their bronze age dogma then, bugger my giddy aunt, I won’t sleep a wink until the whole lot of ’em realize what a disgting eruption of hairy lizard droppings I am.”


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  1. Seems like I just met this guy 🙂

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  2. I’m not familiar with the “atheist blogger” you referred to, but he is not doing atheism any favors. And more importantly, he is totally wasting his time. I think it was John Loftus who once said “you can’t expect to argue them out of their religion, because they were never argued into it in the first place”. Belief in a religion is usually either the “standard default position” acquired automatically as a result of one’s background, or a”born-again” experience resulting from a sudden transient epileptic episode in later life.


  3. Belief in a religion is usually either the “standard default position” acquired automatically as a result of one’s background, or a”born-again” experience resulting from a sudden transient epileptic episode in later life.

    I can be rather dense. When I first read this The Isaiah 53:5 Project post, I didn’t get it. “Okay”, I am thinking. So what’s next? Who is he talking about? What happened to the guy? Then I read your comment, and I experienced closure. Thank you.

    But “he” is not doing atheism any favors? And you are. With that closing sentence?

    What you said is foolish. Just because people call themselves Christian makes them Christians. What we all are is sinners, and some of us sinners study the Bible more than others.

    Anyway, I know from personal experience your words are untrue. When I was in college, I was a cocky young man successfully indoctrinated by the public school system and the American mass media. My parents wanted me to learn about God, but others had undone their work. They had taught me the Bible did not matter. I had swallowed their nonsense and believed the Bible a myth. I believed religion started wars. I did not know who this mysterious God might be, and I saw little to be gained by investigating the matter. I wanted to run my own life. I could not imagine being crazy enough to put God in charge of it.

    Fortunately, I enjoy studying history. Eventually, I realized that I needed to read the Bible. Because Christianity had played a huge role in the history of Western Civilization, I had gaping hole in my knowledge. To fill that hole, I needed to read the Bible. Then to my surprise I discovered for myself that the Bible contained the truth, not myth. Contrary to the lies, prideful men started wars, not Christianity. Gradually (The Bible is a long book.), I experienced an epiphany, and I wanted to know more about my Creator.

    That was ten years ago, and the more I study the Bible the greater grows my faith.

    If want to believe Christianity is not true, you are entitled to your opinion. You can even create your own facts and believe them. Other atheists have done the same. You can add all the soothing vitriol you want to your own personal stew of Christian myths. You can keep running away from God. I just hope you are lucky, and he runs you down the way he did me.

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    • “I just hope you are lucky, and he runs you down the way he did me”.

      I’m afraid there is no chance of that ever happening, but I’m happy that it works for you.


      • That comment has been sitting there for month and half. You have had month and a half to stew over it and this is best you can do?

        “I just hope you are lucky, and he runs you down the way he did me”.

        I quoted you. You compared belief in Jesus to an epileptic fit. When you blasphemed, what did you expect? Are devout Christians suppose to drop to their knees and worship your great intellect?

        What you said was both insulting and foolish, and I did nothing more than explain why. If you feel insulted when Christians defend what they believe from your vacuous claptrap, that is your problem.

        If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. — Harry Truman (from =>

        If you want a respectful debate, then you have an obligation to treat the people you debate with respect.

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        • Sorry that you find my expressing a simple difference of opinion insulting. I wasn’t trying to offend. Just pointing out that I disagree with you.

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          • @Ken

            Are you aware of anything besides your own feelings? How was my reply any more insulting than what you first wrote?

            Frankly, I think you are a phony. You bill yourself as an Atheist expert on Christianity. So you go to Christian website and insult Christians. Whoop dee doo!

            Then, when a Christian points out you have no idea what you are talking about, you whine. Proving what?

            The Gospel is about saving our souls, not pretending our sanctimonious pride makes any sense. It doesn’t.

            If you want to uphold a nihilistic world view, I cannot stop you. If I did my worst and called you an idiot, it would at best be like a fly calling a gnat dumb. In the greater scheme of things, what do either of us have to brag about? Even if there were no God, look at the universe! It is far too great for any of us.

            If I have hope, is it my fault that you have none? If not you, then who is it who stands in the way of your choice?

            When will you realize it is not about you? When will you learn, we are as nothing. Without Him — His grace and His mercy — we are just puny little beasts. We do not exist of our own will. We were made to glorify our Father in Heaven.

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  4. Atheists need our prayers not our convincing. Those who have been captured by the evil one need our prayers not our convincing because the evil one has built a mountain wall between their hearts and minds reason. Through our prayers they will be saved some day.

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  5. Reblogged this on Uniquely Designed Individuals and commented:

    They say there is no rest for the wicked … well this person sure as the sun shines by day and the moon and stars shine at night exist will get no rest … praying He will stop fighting and start accepting the truth of who Christ truly can be in his life, for Christ is the Prince of Peace … and the only way to obtain peace is through Him … Shalom 🙂

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  6. I am always fascinated at the hatred people have for a God who they think hurt them, yet they claim is not real. The boldness in their assertiveness of a pointless universe really drives home the point. Well done giving up sleep to defend the point of a pointless existence. A fool says in their heart there is no God.

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    • I am fascinated by this too and always have been. I read a comment by an atheist just this morning that sums it up.

      “The only reason to engage people like him is the sole hope that others reading – the lurkers – will see his arguments for what they are, pathetic examples of severe indoctrination.”

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  7. Fraking fundiesauruses too bloody stupid to know when the meteor of scientific reason hit their planet and ended their obsolete niche in the protein-chain like a one-way ticket to extinction. Bugger the shite-gob fundies and their bloody sky-fairy dinosaur father invisible friend the flying spaghetti monster’s bloody mother in law… (etc, etc, splutter cough cough)


  8. What a “fraking” idiot. He’s going to eat every last letter he said, vomit them up and eat them again. I’d personally like to witness that. Of course, that’s my FLESH talking. The way he writes, you may as well try to get the Devil to be saved.

    Of course, God COULD save him and he could turn out to be the next Billy Sunday…

    Lord, do with him as You will. You are more righteous then we.

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  9. Oh my is it really worth the effort?

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  10. Yea this is why I would never debate the bible I was as nice to Ark on another post as I would be to anyone and he still pushed as if I never said a nice thing. Can’t debate the bible it takes away more than it helps. Prayer and the way we deliver the word of the God of Jesus is Key. They can hear it or not all I can do is deliver it. Just my thoughts.

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  11. Funny, haven’t seen Ark active for a while. I hope he isn’t sick or something.

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  12. I haven’t seen that faux Egyptian god around in a while, either. It could be possible that the effects of stress caught up with him. Trying to put out light with darkness can be quite frustrating, I imagine.

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    • He’s still around I’m sure, probably just found other bloggers to bother. Don’t know and, quite honestly, don’t care.

      The great stone god has been harassing Christians online for at least five years. He isn’t serious, and isn’t worth the time.

      Thanks for stopping by Anthony 🙂

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  13. Ark takes beautiful pictures of beautiful things. His knowledge of insects, his love of natural beauty, is a joy to share in his photographs. As one who has shared many words with Ark and concluded further sharing would simply irritate him – I prefer to enjoy the other facets (as we all have). Because Ark has been damaged by “God Stuff”. Many have. And Ark is a casualty. Simply because he does not want my help still means he is a unique creation. And he has much to love.

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    • Agree but this isn’t about Ark, necessarily. He is but one troll among many hundreds I have interacted with over the years.


      • I am not sure Jesus tried to debate the disbelief out of those He encountered 🙂

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        • He certainly did not. Then again, immature skeptics didn’t follow him everywhere he went pesturing him endlessly.


          • James – this post and the comments above have popped a bubble I never knew was there.

            Because reading down the comments (above this small exchange) – I sensed a duty of love. A duty that has been “stretched”. And comments that are less than loving. All perfectly okay because of the “trolls”.

            As for immature? How mature is it to willingly be possessed, to preach that possession as the best way forwards, to preach and teach how others can also become possessed? And how much do “we” allow, include and invite those – who have been “hurt” by that very possession – to be who they are?

            What has surprised me is the sense of outrage I find within. Yes Ark can be tiresome (but only when “we” choose to publicly preach and teach). Yes he has been around a long time – I know of others who have hurt as long – and longer – as Ark. Yet because they have a faith – we spend hours supporting them. And yes – Ark can suck the air out of the room. I think we all can when we are “unleashed”. Ark is as passionate as you. Imagine what else you have in common … 🙂

            Jesus was taken to task by loads of oddballs. Loads of oddballs took the healing and never came back to say thank you. And many oddballs weighed things up and declined. I have no idea if He was pursued by some more persistent oddballs. And yet … He took all of that and still loved – still reached out – still connected. I like that. It is why I asked to be willingly possessed. And if Ark – and others – choose not to – then you being pursued and pesturing endlessly … what kind of loving compliment is that?

            So when I read (at the end of a lot of similar comments) …

            “He’s still around I’m sure, probably just found other bloggers to bother. Don’t know and, quite honestly, don’t care. The great stone god has been harassing Christians online for at least five years. He isn’t serious, and isn’t worth the time. Thanks for stopping by Anthony.”

            “Don’t care. He isn’t worth the time”

            Thank God my God never thought that of me for the last five decades!

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            • Not sure what you are getting at here Paul.

              Ark’s comments on this blog go back nearly two years so, unless you have read all of them, I don’t think it’s fair for you to weigh in with a rebuke of me based on this one post and it’s comments.

              Ark has been shown love, friendship, kindness, and respect on dozens of Christian blogs I read regularly and he always eventually repays that with hate, anger, personal insults, and profanity . He is no oddball, nor does he sometimes merely suck the air out of a room. He is a scoffer of the worst kind and someone no Christian should waste too much of their time on. Does “shake off the dust” ring a bell?

              I know I’m not perfect, I sometimes lack patience, and I sometimes react in an un-Christlike manner…I am human and just as flawed as anyone.

              That being said, I will absolutely not apologize for my comments or my treatment of Ark or anyone else who has been banned from this blog.

              Thank you for taking the time to read and comment here Paul, I value your thoughts. This conversation however, is one I would rather not have.

              You are defending the indefensible here and I have a limited amount of patience for that.

              God bless,



    • Ark likes Jimi Hendrix and other great guitar music so he can’t be such a bad chap.

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  14. Hey, James. First, let me say you’re the only author I read with regularity on this site, mostly due to your outlook on the Gospel of Love. I’ve commented quite a few times on what you’ve written.

    Second, as I’ve taken the time to read through this post – including the comments from last year and this and your replies to them – I must admit I was quite taken aback. While I absolutely agree with “shaking off the dust” and moving on (I, too, have banned a particular blogger from my own site), I also desire to keep two other admonitions of Jesus in mind: “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “love your enemies; pray for them.”

    I was, therefore, surprised by the collective “ganging up” on atheists, and on one in particular.

    I know there are non-believers who read my blog, and I would never want to dissuade them from seeking Jesus by treating or talking about anyone or any group of people in a less than respectful way. In addition, if I treat anyone in an undignified manner instead of pray for them – or encourage others to pray for them – I am acting as a stumbling block to the mere possibility of them ever finding a path to the Lord.

    Yes, all of us slip and act “unChristian-like” because we’re human. Yet I pray your unapologetic position will soften, knowing it is God’s intent to save all of creation – even ones who get under our skin.

    Please hear and accept this comment in the deep love and respect in which it was written.

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  15. Dear fraking fundie crutch-supported infantile illogical magical-thinking worshipers of the non-existent sky-fairy-father imaginary friend the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Best wishes for your continued reliance on bronze age folktales and Semitic mythologies. May you maintain yourselves impervious to all rational forms of reason as you engage in religious child abuse by indoctrinating your children to believe the same shamefully unscientific and hatefully rigid superstitions you so pathetically cling to.

    Gosh this is fun. Now – what was I talking about ?

    P.S. brothers & sisters, I am Fundie McChristard himself and Jesus is STILL Lord ☻ !
    (I fooled most of you back on 10/30/15 above ha ha ha )

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    • You are on the right track Desdi but the child abuse you mention through indoctrination is not a laughing matter.

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      • OK I hear you. I am sorry if I was too flip but I was trying to adopt the persona and use the predictable clichés of a ranting atheist. I know such abuse is real.

        I also know some wonderful and loving atheists…

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        • Sorry, but I disagree with you James. It is too easy and so simple to flag it as easier for us atheists to dislike the faith.

          What would you say if parents were indoctrinating their children with political doctrine using organised repetitive techniques and instruction within our free thinking and voting democracies?

          You would be very naïve to believe children are making their own decisions at such a young age, and statements I have read from fortunate adults who broke their child induced indoctrination shackles often continue to suffer related psychological disorders for most of their life.

          I would also question the wisdom and value of indoctrinating future generations in our current ideas and beliefs considering the mistakes and disasters that have been made by ourselves and preceding establishments and generations.

          We are born pure in mind, without belief in any concepts, ideas, doctrines, devices or rules regarding religious or political views and these young enquiring minds should not be crammed full of other people’s world views and ideologies. I do understand there are good points about religious teaching such as love and moral practices, however this is taught through good parenting anyway and does not condone the repetitive brain washing of young vulnerable minds.

          I believe that our country fought wars and many have died in the name of individual and collective freedoms that is called Democracy that means we have equality, classlessness, fairness and Social equality, therefore, why do we not honour such freedoms when it comes to our children?


      • Steve,

        It’s also an exception to the rule and very, very rare.

        Atheists love to say Christians abuse their kids but only because it makes it easier for them to not like the faith. At best this is an intellectually dishonest claim, at worst, it’s an outright lie.


  16. You should check out the ex-Christians who were indoctrinated from childhood James, many have psychological problems for the rest of their lives and have required professional help, and you only need to look at the Islamic terrorist group to see how far they have taken child indoctrination to realise how extreme this abuse can get.

    Teaching and informing children of the options they have in life is a completely different process.


    • Christians who have been psychologically abuse are few and far between Steve, the vast majority don’t suffer at all.

      Also, Islam has nothing to do with me or Christianity.

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      • I agree James, many do not openly suffer because many who have doubts often never get chance or courage to leave and realise the stigma and rejection that can be attached if they do. It may surprise you but many that do leave Christianity after many years of indoctrination have described what disappointments they had that changed their faith and how long the process was along with the disruption and mental stress they have to suffer.

        Islam I only used as an example considering you find this issue as not serious. There was a U tube video of a young boy about 4 or 5 years old dressed as a terrorist with a real knife cutting the head of a stuffed teddy bear and this has stuck with me as an extreme example of how manipulative such loathsome adults can distort such young vulnerable children’s minds.

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