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Working in the garden is rewarding and yet physically draining.  Tugging out weeds can be a full time job.  Christians can become infected with sin and darkness when we aren’t constantly vigilant in our prayer life or our daily walk with Christ.  We need to be pruned and reshaped.

We, as part of the family of God, often find it difficult to pay attention to our souls.  Sometimes we take our faith for granted.  We neglect going to church for fellowship, renewal and uplifting.  We forget about searching the Scriptures.  It sometimes seems too much like work.

When take care of a garden and show it due diligence, things will look lovely again, but it won’t stay that way.  It is a lifetime battle to weed out the icky stuff.  The hope we have is not in the things of this world, but in our Heavenly Father – who paid the price that we could never pay.

Thank you, Father, for weeding the sin from my soul.  I could never do the job by myself.  You know my weaknesses and shortcomings and you have freely given me a way out of the clutches of sin.  I praise you for your precious love.  Amen!



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  1. “It is a lifetime battle to weed out the icky stuff.” Terrific analogy, Kathy. And yes, we must focus on the hope we have in our Father, and our Savior who led us to Him.

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