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A life snuffed out in an act of senseless violence.

Another tear is shed, there is no recompense.

What makes a mind go so crazy, that all that’s real grows hazy?

There seems to be a blindness to all the twisted minds –

An ignorance to what is going on behind closed blinds.

People pulling triggers is why those lives are spent.

Is violent behavior the way we circumvent?

But there’s much more within their brutal hate.

The Respect for human life is simply out of date.

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  1. Hits home on a personal level, having lost 3 family members in 3 years, my brother to suicide. Yet I am still amazed each day even how desensitized I have become to the ” pop a cap” in them mentality the world has and the lack of value for human life.

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    • I am so sorry that you’ve had this experience. I agree there is a lack of respect or concern for human life. Our nation has become desensitized to a lot of things. We need to put God at the forefront in our families and back into our nation. Thanks for your comment.

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