Guest bloggers wanted

I have some awesome stuff lined up already but could still use some more. If you would like for your work to be published on the blog, let me know.


As we do every year, my family and I will be going on vacation for two weeks this summer.

While we are gone I try to spend as little time as I possibly can on the internet. So, in order to keep fresh and new content on the blog, I would like to ask readers to submit something, new or previously published, they have written and wouldnโ€™t mind me sharing.

While this is a Christian blog, the post can be about anything as long as it is clean and does not contradict biblical teaching.

I did this last year and thought it was a big success that readers truly enjoyed.

If you have an idea for a post, you can reply with a comment or email me at

Sorry for the short notice on this but I need ideas by May 25th so I have time to get them scheduled before we leave town on the 27th.

Thanks in advance for all the great contributions.


*I thought this went without saying but, just to be clear. The author’s name will be published along with the submission, the author will retain ownership and all rights to work they submit, and all guest posts will include a link to the author’s blog if they have one.


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25 replies

  1. I’ve enjoyed being a guest blogger here, James. Thanks for allowing me to show up so often!


  2. I would love to be a guest blogger Have a blessed vacation!

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  3. I would love the opportunity! I’ll send you a link soon.

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  4. I’ve written some posts that might fit the bill, so if you check out and find something you like, feel free to use it!

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  5. Hi James, for some reason the link has disappeared again, could you please send me another one, bless you ๐Ÿ™‚

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