I’ve been a performer for most of my life.  I think I came out of the womb with a mask on.  I  like the feeling that comes with pleasing an audience. One of the reasons is that it gives me an opportunity to be someone else for a while. I can see this happening with the very quiet and shy individuals that I’ve taught over the years.

Some of the best actors are those who are not very sure of themselves. Some of them are also very skilled at hiding their true identity behind a mask, which isn’t always a good thing. We can cover our inner most feelings on the outside, but they continue to fester and grow within.

When it comes to  God, there’s no hiding. Everything is out in the open to Him. He knows our every thought and all that we do. If our inner thoughts were laid bare before our peers in this way, I doubt there would be much pleasure for the “audience.”

We aren’t as pretty as we appear on the outside, but God’s vision of us no longer sees a wretched sinner. He sees the face of His only Son, who has taken away all the ugliness of that mask of sin.


Thank you, dear Lord, for the comfort of your forgiveness and the hope of the perfect stage to come.

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