We have two choices America: Absolutely terrible and worse

EvangelZ over at Domain for Truth used the following quote in a post about our 2016 presidential candidates and I think it was brilliant.

“Of two evils, choose neither.”

-Charles H. Spurgeon


I have thought about the 2016 presidential election quite a bit since who the nominees will be is all but settled and, I think, conservative Christians who believe they have a patriotic duty to vote should seriously consider staying home on election day on moral grounds.

That’s what I am doing.

In fact, the only way to make voting for the conservative-ish lesser of two evils candidate in this election seem reasonable at all is to explain such a vote like this.

There is a difference between getting in a car with an impulsive drunk driver and being doused in gasoline and set aflame by a psychopathic arsonist. The first is no pleasure, but it’s probably survivable. The latter is not.

I’ll get into the car, personally.

That doesn’t mean I think it’s a good thing to drive drunk, or that my previous warnings about drunk driving were baseless or feigned.

It just means I don’t want to be burned to death by Hillary Clinton.


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  1. LOL! We’re in quite a pickle aren’t we? The lesser of evils, the eviler of evils, what to do, what to do, it’s enough to give you a headache.

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  2. “Dual Airbags”

    Give him a skinhead, insignia, boots

    Less scruples, a swagger-stick, crowds, money.

    No black shirts visible. Just business suits,

    and pride is restored: tragic but funny.

    Proud like a skyscraper, godless as sin

    Babylonian promises, towering lies

    Reality shows when plutocrats win,

    Their rhetoric raining from empty skies.

    She-wolves, elected by uninformed sheep

    behave predictably, eyeing the flock

    Their wool (and the lamb-chops) are hers to keep

    Grazing voter—this should come as no shock.

    It’s a bitter pill (more like pilloried)

    So shall we now be Trumped or Hillary-ed?


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  3. Voting is like paying attention to internet trolls, it only encourages them.

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  4. This is a very disappointing election…


  5. I’m hoping a third choice pops up soon.

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