No one originally believed Jesus was God, this was added 300 years after His death


Quite a few common objections to the faith are very easily answered, here is one such example.

Question:  But wasn’t Jesus declared God at The Council of Nicea in A.D. 325 to, you know, keep the faith from dying out?

Answer: No. The Council of Nicea did not invent or add the Deity of Jesus to Christian theology. Christians well before the Council of Nicea already believed that Jesus was God based on a what the New Testament very clearly teaches.

What The Council of Nicea did do was clarify certain issues that were facing the Christian community. The reason there was not a more detailed formal creed about the Divinity of Jesus, such as the Council of Nicea, sooner was that Christianity was a persecuted religion for so long that it was more difficult to study and articulate doctrines that were already believed. 

Christians held to certain core beliefs including the Deity of Jesus, but it was not until The Church was challenged by Arianism (a belief held by modern-day Jehovah’s Witnesses that teaches Jesus is just a righteous man who was created by God) that it was forced to clarify and articulate its doctrine. 

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  1. Out of all the 1500 or so ” religions” out there, it is amazing how so many acknowledge Christ, but stop just short of believing in the deity of Christ. Anyone can believe in Jesus, the devil does too! Understanding the trinity requires more. Good post!

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  2. I was just informed via email that my good blogging pal Mike (KIA The Recovering Know-it-all) referred to this post without including a link.

    I don’t care, his comments here go straight to Spam, and I absolutely never read his blog.

    Whatever you wrote Mike, good luck with it, I’m sure it’s absolutely wonderful.


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  3. Good posts brother, keep on blogging James and don’t get discouraged.

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