May 9, 2016 we will celebrate this unknown holiday.  A year ago I wrote a post about this unsung event.



It’s a common dilemma.  We’ve all experienced it.  It can cause a mother guilt.  It’s raised many an eyebrow.  The lost sock is known by many but remembered by few. I used to search everywhere for that lost little bugger – under beds, next to the washing machine, in the sock drawer – but somehow at least one would escape every laundry day.  I often imagined where lost socks went when they disappeared.

Something can be said on behalf of today’s generation. They’ve found a solution.  They mix and match.  It has now become fashionable to wear two different socks.  When I was a kid we would be shunned for weeks for such behavior.  It’s a perfect option when you think about it.  When everybody is doing something, it seems to catch on.  Soon there will be no end to this concept.  We can expect to see two unmatched mittens, two different shoes, two opposing earrings (one for each nostril,) a pair of black and white ear muffs.  The sky’s the limit.

I must say, I find these special holidays to be not only refreshing, but freeing.  Think of the guilt lifted off of mothers’ shoulders the world over.  No longer will she be responsible for missing socks.  No more tears shed over such an abomination.  For years we have been slaves to the unmatched sock syndrome, but now we are free.  Halleluiah!


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  1. I declare Coconut Cream Pie Day. Pig out for one day without the shame of being a glutton.

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  2. You mean that there isn’t a sock monster in our dryer?

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  3. I’ll second that thought Patrick.

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  4. Here’s to all the lost socks everywhere cheers!

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