When I was a child my mind was being trained, my personality developing, my brain expanding, my opinions growing.  With each stage, something happened to make me the person I’ve become.  We’ve all been affected by teachers who went the extra mile to help that process.

Some of them we remember with fondness. Others we laugh about.  Still others made a lasting imprint on us.  They gave us wisdom and knowledge, but they also inspired us to go beyond our own limits – to stretch ourselves – to believe we could do things we didn’t think we could.

I thank God for the gift of good teachers.  The kind that will spend their own money on special school supplies.  The kind that gives  their own time after school to help a student who is struggling with an assignment.  The kind that stays awake nighst thinking about class activities that will stimulate and interest your child.  The kind that loves your child as much as you do.

Teachers are facing so many different situations now.  Discipline is restricted.  Fear manages to creep into our schools.  Teachers are limited, but still if they’re good teachers, they are not deterred.  I pray that God will continue to bless them as they enter this profession and let them know how important they are to the future of our nation.

Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of dedicated teachers who put the children in their care first.  They are a blessing to their students.  Continue to help them  nurture our children as they walk through the education process.  Protect them especially in our time as they even face danger caring for these young minds. Amen!


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  1. Was high school history teacher 33 years in Miami, Florida, Thanks for posting.

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    • Thank you for your dedication. I think it’s getting harder and harder for young college students to go into teaching. The commitment is tremendous and the pay is lousy, plus most teaching environments aren’t even safe anymore. I’m sure you blessed many of your students.


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