My wonderful husband painted this rock for me a number of years ago and I have it sitting on my kitchen window sill to remind me of my obligation as a wife and mother every day.  The sun has faded it some, but the message is still alive and even though the thoughts expressed in this Bible verse have somewhat faded by the world’s standards, the truth remains.

God expects perfection from us, but He also supplies the means for us to accomplish when we come to the end of our rope and can’t seem to get over the next hurdle.  The difficulties and challenges we face each day are nothing to Him.  He can move mountains – He created them.  He can blow the sea into oblivion – He formed it.  He can change hearts and minds and draw them to Him, because He is God.

When God formed the earth and everything in it, He said, “It is good.”  and it was.  It was perfect good.  His desire for our world was that it remain perfect good forever, but sin got in the way and from that moment on, perfection on earth was a thing of the past.

God expects each of us to be of noble character – to walk in His ways – to trust Him alone in everything that we do and yet we often resist and think we can accomplish everything by ourselves.

God also knows that without His intervention, we cannot live up to His expectations, so He provided a solution for that as well. He paid the price to deliver us from our sin.  He died for us so we could live.  What greater love is there?


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  1. Ahh, what a precious rock. Good words, too!

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