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Has life become just another commodity with little value?

Has humanity so quickly forgotten the price that was paid for it?

Have we come full circle in our quest for peace?  History repeating itself?

Each day on this planet is as a thousand years to the One who made it.

He alone has the answers to the human condition and how to heal it.

Still we try to figure things out for ourselves.  We try, but fail.

We make the same mistakes over and over and it almost seems our lives are futile.

Instead why not turn to Him in the first place?

But we think we know better.  We abort babies, we use fists to solve problems, we pull the plug on life.  We blame others for our circumstances, we feel we deserve better.

We are all guilty if we stand by and allow this to continue.

We are as one pulling the trigger and taking a life if we say nothing.

We must stop the madness that will eventually consume this great country of ours.

We could easily self-implode and our enemies are aware of that.

May God be with America in this time of our great distress and show mercy on us.



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  1. Great thoughts Kathy. God is the only one who can save us.

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