On Being Disciplined and How Crazy WordPress Distracted Me


Normally on Tuesday mornings here on this blog I write something in my sort of ongoing Seen On a Church Sign theme. Notice that this is not one of those, and allow me to explain.

I am very disciplined; I am also very easily distracted. How, you say, can I be both of those things? Allow me to explain.

I can really be like a cat, in the sense of, “Oh LOOK, a  dust bunny!” I am sure that in this generation I would have absolutely been diagnosed as quite ADHD. This was true when I was a kid, and remains true now. I used to get horrible grades at times in school, not for not doing my work, but simply failing to bring it to school with me. Getting the work done was not a problem, but finishing the task in its entirety was a real challenge. Things have not changed much.

I sort of self treated my issue by becoming extremely disciplined in my work habits. Only in this way do I have any hope of actually ever finishing anything. Mornings happen to be my most regimented part of my day, although in general my whole day is. I get up at 4;00 am every morning and my routine begins.

4:00-430 Make coffee. Sit on porch, drink coffee and pray and think.

4:30-5:00 Read and respond to comments from during the night and any I missed the day before.

5:00-6:00 Proofread the days posts, finish the main post for the day, and maybe start some for the next few days.

6:00-6:30 Read blogs and maybe comment.

After that, it depends on how far my first job of the day is from home. I may fix my lunch and stuff and leave; I may do some reading of blogs.

That’s what I do, and it works out pretty well for me. Unless. Now, I arrive at the actual point of this. See? Even in writing about my distraction I have become distracted!

About 3 months ago, I stopped getting e mail notifications about anything; suddenly, I got nothing. My e mail notifications were my way of managing what I read, reading comments, and generally keeping track of my blog life. Then, poof, they were gone. Then I had to figure out how to really use the Reader, comments I’ve made, and Posts I Like and all of that. It never really did work very well for me, and I missed a lot of good posts and conversations. In my e mail, I can just work it from oldest to newest and never miss a thing; however, for months….nothing.

So, this morning, I wake up to…drum roll please…..something like two pages of emails. Really? So, I have written nothing this morning other than this rambling outflow of my distracted mind. Probably won’t tomorrow either, as now I am feeling driven to cruise through my entire list of blogs I follow and make sure I get e mails on new posts from whom I wish to, and that I follow comments on bloggers I want to. Which means I will likely reset them all to getting nothing, then resetting them all exactly the way I want. And in the course of that I will run into blogs that I really liked but lost, and wander off reading those. Look at the dust bunny!

Does anyone have any clue why this has happened to me?

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  1. Oh no! Maybe you were an involuntary part of a WordPress experiment. Since you are methodical in your viewing habits, you would be a perfect subject to analyze.


  2. No clue. Truthfully, I haven’t looked at my Reader in months. I seem to get email notices of the blogs that I am most interested in, but now I need to go look at my Reader to find out what I may be missing.


  3. You’re in the Matrix, Wally. None of this is actually happening to you. Go with the flow, man.

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  4. Ha ha .

    I have never been a very disciplined blogger, I just kind of wing it. But I do know what it’s like to be distracted.

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  5. It maybe more of an email account issue, though, I am not sure what happened to yours exactly. Could be your set preferences. Not a few times did my own accounts confuse me.

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  6. It happens to me all of the time. Anyway, I can’t possibly read everything. I think I may stay in a state of distraction most of the time…

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  7. It must be prophetic. Call Patricia King.

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  8. I get distracted on way to bed and forget where I am going and end up staying awake long after I went to sleep.

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  1. On Being Disciplined and How Crazy WordPress Distracted Me – Truth in Palmyra

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