Marijuana is a very spiritual drug, it and bacon should totally be free

I would love to comment on this but I am at a loss for words.


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  1. I can’t speak to marijuana use, but I do know that if bacon was free I would have a very serious weight issue.

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  2. Written by someone who is high and has the munchies. No mystery there. Two major side-effects of marijuana use is magical thinking and the delusion that marijuana is a magical plant able to solve all problems. The other side effect is a very big fat-tooth.

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    • Marijuana does cause magical thinking but so does how we are raising and educating our kids these days.

      I can only imagine what my dad would have said if I told him I expected to get a bunch of stuff for free when I was as young as the people in this video.

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      • Well…I was raised in a liberal household but it didn’t take. There’s always hope. My grandparents were very independent and I tended to listen to them. Hopefully, these kids will hear another voice.

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        • I read recently that young people these days tend to have socialist leanings until they get jobs and start making decent money.

          I grew up in a socially Liberal but fiscally Conservative home where we were always taught the value of hard work and paying our own way.

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          • My home was mostly just dysfunctional with a tendency toward the government taking care of people. My grandparents were hard working and they instilled their values in me. I don’t know why it skipped a generation but it did and I think that has happened en masse in this generation. I do hope reality changes their minds. Our education system is a mess and it takes people time to recover from the misinformation.


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