Imagine That!


God tells Peter to eat and Peter responds with “No way Lord!” Imagine that! Tell me, what would be your response to the Lord if you were given the invitation to partake of His free gift of grace. Would your response be: “No way Lord,” nothing ever comes free, because of my religious beliefs I need to do this that or the other. Imagine that!

God would say: “Come out of her my children, My grace cannot be earned by works, for My grace comes free with faith in Jesus my Son, who has paid the price so you may freely accept My free gift of grace without having to do anything to earn it.” Selah.

A Voice: 13 Get up, Peter! Kill! Eat!

Peter: 14 No way, Lord! These animals are forbidden in the dietary laws of the Hebrew Scriptures! I’ve never eaten nonkosher foods like these before—not once in my life!

A Voice: 15 If God calls something permissible and clean, you must not call it forbidden and dirty!

16 Peter saw this vision three times; but the third time, the container of animals flew up through the rift in the sky, the rift healed, 17 and Peter was confused and unsettled as he tried to make sense of this strange vision (Acts 10:13-17, TVB).

The Voice (VOICE)

The Voice Bible Copyright © 2012 Thomas Nelson, Inc. The Voice™ translation © 2012 Ecclesia Bible Society All rights reserved.


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  1. Peter didn’t stay perplexed for long. The rest of the story is that God was preparing Peter for the visit from the men from Cornelius, and the subsequent visit of Peter with some other men from Joppa to Cornelius’ home and the Holy Spirit being poured out on Gentiles just as it had been poured out upon Jews at Pentecost. Peter’s vision, rather than being about salvation was preparation for one of the most important ‘transitions’ in the history of the early church.


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