“Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you. For on him God the Father has set his seal.”  John 6:27

When we set goals, we’re being wise stewards.  We start at an early age, learning to tie our shoes or ride a bike.  We soon discover that we don’t achieve without knowledge.  Our parents often remind us of that when they say we aren’t working up to our potential. In the teens we start thinking about relationships.  As young adults we set our minds on college and future plans.

Once we’re on our own, reality sets in.  We find that the goals we’re setting may be unattainable.  We run into roadblocks that slow down the race.  We get beat up by disappointment, failure, desperation, hopelessness.

As we run through middle age, we find that we may never achieve our original goals.  We eventually give up trying.  By the time we reach the senior years it doesn’t really seem important  anymore.  We may wonder. “What’s the use?”   The main achievement on any given day for some is to merely get out of bed.

When we run alone, our focus turns inward and we often lose sight of the finish line.  We may become obsessed with getting physically ready and train well in advance. We put our attention on what we can accomplish through our own actions.

Every day can be an opportunity to move towards the victory.  God has provided it for us through His only Son, Jesus.  We can be solidly confident that the race has already been won.  With Him by our side, we will never be alone.

Dear Father, I have already won the prize through your forgiveness.  As I continue the final leg of my journey, nourish me through your Holy Word. Help me realize that you are right there – encouraging, lifting me up, supporting me and giving me the eternal victory.  Keep my vision focused on you and your amazing grace. Amen!


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