God’s Garden-Turnip For Church

Seen On a Church Sign


Turnip for Church-Turn Up For Church

Well, here we go! I know some are saying: “Good grief, here he goes again, yammering on and on about going to church.”


The next part of this God’s Garden series is going to be an unabashed and unapologetic defense of the local church. So, if that is bothersome, or not your cup of tea…would you read anyway?

Jesus Christ formed His church personally on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. He formed it when He called each of his disciples out from what they were doing. They were a local, visible, called out assembly of believers coming together for the purpose of spreading the Gospel of their Lord, Jesus Christ.

Before He ascended into Heaven, Jesus also issued instructions to His church, to go into all the world, spread the Good News, teach, and make disciples.

Since that time, no writer was ever inspired by God during the formation of the Canon of Scripture as we know it to say, “Hey never mind about that church thing I made, do whatever you think up.” No, nothing has changed.

Why am I saying all of this? Well the concept of the local church as a concept it under almost relentless assault.

Church is not a building, it’s the people!

Church hurt me!

Look at those jets and fancy cars; they just want my money!

I’m just not into organized religion!

I don’t need a church to perform a ministry

Look at the ways those guys act, what’s the point? I can act like that and not waste my time will all that church junk!

And the point is? You know, I would agree with a statement that all of those things have happened and are happening. Church is an imperfect thing composed of imperfect people. Since when, however, does the fact that we sometimes screw it all up mean God’s ideas are suddenly no good? It’s not God’s ideas that are faulty; it is us!

I even get that bad things have happened and are happening under the umbrella of “church.” Again, as bad as that is, our failures have not rendered God’s plan invalid.

I also get that not everybody has access to a truth teaching church. I get that in some places, admitting you are part of a church might get you arrested. I get that some simply cannot be part of a local assembly of believers due to health or other reasons. I get that things may have happened to cause a person to be temporarily estranged from their local body of believers and need to be solved before fellowship is again possible. All of those things don’t mean Jesus’ personally begun institution is suddenly not relevant any longer.

So, that is where we are heading over the next few days, weeks, or however long we feel led to hand around this topic. I’m not here to contend with anyone over it, or most especially to sound like fingers are being pointed, or to hurt anyone’s feelings. I am here, as always to teach with a good dose of Bible truth and commons sense.

Who is church?

What is church?

When is church?

Where is church?

Do I have to go to church?

What if church hurt me?

What if life circumstances keep me out?

Does it really have to be so organized?

Can’t I perform my ministry without a church?

That’s not everything we are going to look at, but it is a start. Thoughts? Comments in advance? Things you would like to see talked about? Let me know.

Until next time, blessings and peace


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