Benjamin Franklin wrote the familiar words about death and taxes  when he was in his 80s, proving that he still maintained a sense of humor. They were originally penned in French to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, a friend and fellow scientist.  Franklin had gained quite a reputation in France with his experiments in electricity.

Those words don’t hold much hilarity today, especially when we see how out of hand our taxes are and  out of control government spending has become. Taxes have always been part of a civilized society.  We’ve grown accustomed to having nice roads, beautiful parks, wildlife refuges, law enforcement, protection and so forth, but that doesn’t make it any easier when April 15th rolls around.

We also know that death is a certainty. Everyone of us is guaranteed to die.  Not one of us will escape the grim reaper, but when we have faith in our loving God and what He’s done for us,  we have the promise of eternal life.

We can’t always be sure that our government is really looking out for us, but we can rely on God to keep His promises.  He has removed the sting of death and altered the outcome of our future in heaven with Him – where, by the way, there will be no more taxes!

Jesus, you told your followers to give to the government what is expected, but also to give to God what He requires. You paid that price . May I use your Word to show my friends what lies beyond the grave – eternal life through you – the only thing we can truly count on.  Amen!


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