God’s Garden-Squash Gossip Part 7- What Were We Even Talking About?

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Hello dear friend and readers, long time no see in our series entitled  God’s Garden. Life, vacation, and work all interfered and we are resuming our series. As you may recall, we were in a sort of sub series  called Squash Gossip

Rather than just jump in and resume where we left off, I am going to recap briefly where we have been. There’s a few reasons to do that:

It’s like starting a mini series in the middle, you don’t really understand the characters

Everybody likes people to go read their stuff, do this is a good excuse for me to talk you  into that.

I publish this church sign series on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. If I use up today I will have just about enough material to fill two more days and start a new topic next week

On a more serious note, sometimes after a long break, it is good to recap what has been talked about before just jumping back in. So, here we go:

In God’s Garden-Squash Gossip-Part 1-What God Says we kept thing simple and shared some Bible verses about gossip.

In two full installments of our series, we recapped what James had to say about the use and abuse of the tongue in his Epistle

God’s Garden-Squash Gossip Part 2-James On the Powerful Tongue

God’s Garden-Squash Gossip Part 3-James On the Dangerous Tongue

In God’s Garden-Squash Gossip Part 4-The Problem with Gossip we shared another blogger’s personal experience with gossip in a humorous yet very serious article

In God’s Garden-Squash Gossip Part 5-The Sin of Gossip we covered the simple fact that gossip is a very serious sin in God’s eyes, and not some minor, trivial thing for us to push aside.

In God’s Garden-Squash Gossip Part 6-What’s The Harm Anyway? we covered how gossip is a sin not only against God, but that it causes very real harm to God’s people.

Over the next day or so, we will finish up our week with what I hope is some very practical guidance on stopping gossip, or as our series title says: “squash gossip.”


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  1. God’s Garden-Squash Gossip Part 7- What Were We Even Talking About? – Truth in Palmyra

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