Quite possibly the worst argument against God the world has ever seen


I ran accross this some time ago and meant to put it in a post but somehow it got lost in the shuffle.

I don’t remember where it came from, don’t know who wrote it, and really don’t care.

1. If some condition is able to manifest in reality at least once, it is impossible that it can’t happen again. (Possible world theory says that any and all universes are possible, even universes that have the exact same conditions as another, no matter how improbable.)

2. According to the definition of God, it is impossible for there to be more than one God.

3. Therefore, it is impossible for God to manifest in Reality.

Therefore, there is no God.

Wow. And people think Christians are fools.



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  1. Hi James – It’s been a while.

    Badly structured argument, but it loosely connects with another question I frequently ask: Is there any possibility of a universe (according to the above-noted multiple universe theory) where there is no God, or is God, by very definition a necessary being?

    I would think that either way, this would be problematic. If God is not a necessary being, then we rule out the idea that the universe absolutely could not have begun without him. Yet, if we say he is a necessary being, then we really can’t speak to a “probability” of the universe happening naturally–the universe simply is a manifestation of God because we have declared/defined it as such.


  2. My favorite evidence for the existence of God came from two guys with downs syndrome. The one who believed in God simply said, “Are you real? Because if you’re real, God’s real.” So simple, but so true.

    CS Lewis said something similar, about how if there were no God we would never have known to think about Him in the first place. The fact that we are self aware and sentient and “real,” means we are connected to Someone out there. We can reason our own existence away long before we reason away God. A bit funny too, I’ve seen people do this. Once they a have proven their own non existence however, there’s not much point in talking to them anymore.

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