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The beautiful music still resonates in my mind. The pews will not be as full at least until Christmas, but still the good news of salvation has reached the ears of many.  The flowers slowly droop and wilt and are eventually replaced.  The festive feeling will begin to ebb and things will eventually return to the way they were before.  Why?  How can we keep Easter alive in our hearts and minds every day of the year?  Jesus gave His disciples and us so many good lessons to follow in our lives and it seems a good time to start implementing them.

  • Thank Him everyday for His unselfish gift.
  • Tell someone else about it.  This news is too wonderful not to share.
  • Trust in His promises to those who believe in Him.
  • Expect His blessings on your life.
  • Love your enemies, even when they are most unlovable.
  • Look forward to eternity in heaven.  Victory over death has been won.
  • Take on a servant attitude- always putting others first.
  • Be compassionate.  Don’t assume others are out to get you.  Put the best construction on their motives.
  • Cherish every moment we are given on this planet.  We have all been placed here for a reason.  Our lives should be devoted to finding out what that is and acting on it.
  • Use Him as an example for living.  Think of how wonderful this world would be if everyone did this!

We should never let this message be swallowed up by a world focused on their own agenda.  We have an obligation as believers to live the way He lived.  God came to us in human form – lived as we live, yet without sin – felt pain and suffering – bled – screamed in pain – endured it all because He loves us so much.  What greater love is this?


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