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It seems to me that the world has forgotten how to smile lately. It might be because of all the ugliness we’re exposed to on a daily basis. It could be that hatred, inhumanity, fear, poverty, loss and all the other negatives still exist. Maybe we’ve given up hope. Maybe we simply can’t find anything to be happy about.

Negativity is a powerful force which has the ability to draw even the most joyous among us into its clutches. The devil is also a powerful adversary. He uses all those emotions to confuse – beat us up – consume us – to join him in his misery.

It’s time for an attitude adjustment. In the account of the events leading up to Jesus arrest, He tells His disciples to not let their hearts be troubled. (Read John 14.). It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Not always the case, however. We want to be in control. We want to have things together. We don’t like uncertainty.

When negativity rears its ugly head, we need to arm ourselves with Jesus’ comforting words. He’s already assured a place for us in heaven. Our future holds an eternal life insurance policy with our names on it. With that kind of hope, we should easily be able to put on a happy face.

When you smile, the world laughs with you. When you frown, you are doing nothing but creating deeper lines in your face.


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  1. I try to put on a happy face even when it hurts sometimes

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