The hour was late, the night dark and still. Jesus and a few of His disciples walked to Gethsemane as they often had before. This lovely garden, filled with olive trees, was the perfect place to reflect and pray.

On that Maundy Thursday, Jesus showed his humanity by bowing before the Lord, God in prayer. He was overwhelmed by what He knew was ahead of Him and also for those He would leave behind. He prayed for the physical strength to endure the pain He would suffer, He prayed that His Father’s will would be done, He prayed for His followers and He prayed for the world. He prayed that God might find another way for His will to be done. He prayed with such intensity, that it caused tears of blood to fall from His eyes to the ground. When He returned to His disciples, He found them asleep.

When we are overwhelmed by the things of this world, we can take comfort in the fact that through our dear Lord, Jesus all things have been overcome. He has given us the victory, even over death.

Help us, Lord, to learn the right way to pray and to stay constantly awake and at your side. You have done it all.  The work has been accomplished.  Now let us lean on your unfailing love and wake up and live!


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  1. Thank you again, my friend!



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