Thus Says The Lord | I Am


I Am the God who says to the nations: “What is it that provokes you to embrace anger and chaos!’ ‘Why are you making plans to pursue your own vacant and empty greatness?'”

“Why do leaders assume that because they will stand united to plot and scheme against Me and My Anointed King by trying to figure out how they can overthrow Me through the evil intents of their hearts?”

“Hear Me, O nations of the earth, ‘I will laugh at your vile attempts to scheme and plot against Me through your own selfish desires!'”

“O kings of the earth, do not take my grace for weakness, for my mercy I will extend to you only for a season, for the time is coming where my laughter shall cease, and I will pour out my wrath upon you and all those nations who do not have a reverential fear of who I Am.”

“Hear Me now,’ says the I Am that I Am, ‘I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and just as I set them to wander from strange land to strange land, so I appointed my Representative to reign from My holy mountain of Zion.”

“O peoples who are full of pride and haughtiness, do you think your wisdom will last for all eternity, O foolish ones of the earth who will not bow to the Lordship of My Son whom I assigned to deliver the nations from theirs sins and abominations that are committed against Me and against heaven.”

“Leaders who lead my people astray, and leaders who restrain my people who have the true Light within to open their mouths and speak, know this, I Am the Lord their God, and I will stand for those righteous ones who will not bow to the god of baal, for their blood is constantly cry out before Me,’ ‘how long, O Lord, how long before you avenge the spilling of our blood!””

“The moaning and groaning of the prisoners does not pass my ears, so know this, O kings of the earth, I will not wait too much longer before I avenge My innocent ones, My righteous ones who have not wavered in their faith through my Son, whom I have anointed and appointed to rescue anyone who believes and receives Him as their Lord, God, and Savior.”

“To My Faithful Ones,’ I say, ‘Look up for the time draws near for Your Redeemer to rescue you from the evil days that are ahead,’ ‘I Am the Alpha and Omega, the Faithful and True Witness, the Amen and So Be It, for as surely as I have spoken, so shall I deliver, for I Am the Lord Your God who will never let you down or forsake you,'” says the Lord.


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