It’s amazing the amount of things we accumulate in a lifetime. Right now all that stuff is looking at me and daring me to throw it out. There are some things that don’t hold any value, except to us because they contain a special memory or two.  There are boxes that have remained unpacked since we moved in 24 years ago, clothing that we’ll never fit into again and of course crates full of costumes, props,  art work and supplies – not to mention the things we’ve accumulated over time.

Our lives are like that too. We build up treasures here on earth and soon our homes look like they belong on a hoarders reality show. None of that will benefit us once we die. The saying, “You can’t take it with you,” was most likely a quote from someone who needed to downsize..

Throw out, donate to a thrift store, give some of the good stuff to your kids if they want it, have a garage sale and when you have whittled the mounds to little piles – do it again.

When Jesus entered the world as a man He had nothing. His adult life was spent on the road teaching, encouraging, sharing what He had with others – physically and spiritually taking care of them. When He died for us, He was stripped of all dignity. When He faced Satan and destroyed his hold on us, His hands had nothing in them, but the scars remaining from the spikes that were hammered into them.

Lord, help me to focus only on you and your priceless treasure – the one that waits for me in heaven. You paid an unimaginable price so that I could share in the mansions prepared for us. It’s really the only thing that matters.  Amen!


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  1. Good post, gave me some ideas to ponder.


  2. I know, I’m in the midst of downsizing. We’re planning to put our house up for sale and we’ve lived here a long time. This is the best time to clean house!


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